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  • Junior Historians enjoy Fiber Workshop at the Museum

    On Saturday, October 29th, Ms. Samantha Graves with Hoosac School, visited the museum to work with the Junior Historians on everything fiber! The students worked with different fiber types including cotton, flax, alpaca, and sheep and learned about how fiber is processed to yarn and then knitted or woven into fabrics. During the afternoon event, each student had an opportunity to utilize the drum carder, skein winder, drop spindle, the spinning wheel, and a table-top loom. This is a lesson that will “loom” large for our budding historians!

  • A New Audio Tour at the Bennington Battlefield

    We have an audio tour! Thank you to Friends trustee Phil Holland, the Friends of the Bennington Battlefield, and Parks and Trails New York for making this improvement a reality. To experience the audio tour, simply point your smart phone’s camera at any of the QR codes on our sign panels and a link will launch playing a recorded account of the battle. If you can not make the trip to the Battlefield in Walloomsac, NY, You can access the audio clips at https://benningtonbattlefield.org

    Listen to first-hand accounts of the Battle!
    Broadway luminary Kevin McGuire (who grew up in Hoosick Falls) supplied the voices of George Washington and General John Burgoyne, the former all but predicting the Battle of Bennington in a letter to General Philip Schuyler, the latter giving ill-fated orders to Lt. Colonel Baum, who led the raid on Bennington. Twelve other voice actors from the area, many known to local audiences from stage appearances and historical re-enactments, bring to life other first-person accounts. McGuire donated his services to the project.
    One unique feature of the audio experience is Darrell Holovach’s original music. Mixing drum, trumpet, and flute, Holovach combines contemporary and 18th-century elements in miniature compositions that match the tone of each introduction. Holovach grew up right next to the Battlefield and began composing music in his teens. He’s currently on leave from his post as music teacher at Salem (N.Y.) Central School and is completing a Master’s in music education at the Crane School of Music.
    The project was directed by writer and Friends board member Phil Holland of Pownal, Vermont, who also voiced the introductions. “There’s nothing like primary sources to lead you into the action,” says Holland. “You’ll hear accounts from a wide range of participants and other figures. We hope that when you listen to those voices as you stand at various locations on the Battlefield, you’ll connect with history in a fresh and immediate way.”

    QR Code-enabled Audio Enhancements to the Bennington Battlefield” was supported with funding from the New York State Park and Trail Partnership Grants and New York’s Environmental Protection Fund. The Park and Trail Partnership Grants are administered by Parks & Trails New York, in partnership with the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

  • Upcoming Annual Meeting with Guest Speaker and NY State Park Historian David Pitlyk

    Join us this Thursday, July 21st for our Annual Meeting featuring Guest Speaker David Pitlyk who will be speaking on Myths and Legends at the Battle of Bennington. This event is free and open to the general public. Following, enjoy refreshments and meet members of the Hoosick Township Historical Society Board of Trustees. Opportunities exist for involvement on our board. If you are interested in joining, please contact Board President Samantha Graves at hoosickhistory@gmail.com or Museum Director Joyce Brewer at staff@HoosickHistory.com or call (518) 686-4682. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

    Sanborn Fire Map

    Looking for information on your home or property? The Library of Congress hosts digitized fire insurance maps from the Sanborn Map Company. The detail in these maps has been recognized as one of the most complete and accurate sources of materials related to dwellings in urban settings throughout the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries. Details include homes, outbuildings, additions, and building types.

    Click here to see an example and visit loc.gov to search for additional maps and materials related to Hoosick Falls, New York.

  • Speakers Series Announced!

    We have a lot of fun events planned for the 2022 season, including a Victorian Stroll and Found Negatives exhibit later in the year. For now, take a look at our line-up for the 2022 speakers series.

    National Park Historian, David Pitlyk, will join us this July with Myths and Legends relating to the Battle of Bennington. In August, local historian and author, Phil Holland, will present on the the Black Presence at the Battle of Bennington. And in October, we’ll hear tales of ghosts and murder during Joe Hall’s talk on the Murder of Mickey Kane.

    These events are free and open to the public. Events are made possible by our generous donor-members. If you would like to become a Hoosick Township Historical Society Member, please click here or join us at our Grand Opening on April 30th and sign up.

  • Hoosac Students Churn it Up!

    Delivering a bit of fun and feast 18th century style.

    Hoosac School History Club students enjoyed an afternoon learning about 18th century cooking with an oat-based New England-style boiled pudding along with an opportunity to churn butter using a plunger churn, a table-top churn, as well as a shaker. The boiled dinner was finished right about the time they finished salting the butter and a feast was enjoyed by all.

    Salting the butter.
    We made butter!
    The feast.
  • Presentation on the Daniel Shay Rebellion

    Join fellow Hoosick History lovers for a presentation on the Shay’s Rebellion to be given by historian and author Daniel Bullen this April 2nd at 1pm at the Caretaker’s House located at 30 Caretakers Road, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090.

    With Honorable Rebellion, Bullen seeks to tell the story of this tumultuous post-revolutionary period from the perspective those who stood to lose their farms and rose in opposition to the imperious policies of Governor Bowdoin of Massachusetts. Books will be available for purchase after a lecture and Q&A. There is a suggested $3 donation for those wishing to attend.

    You can find Daneil Bullen’s book on the subject here.

  • Happy Birthday George Washington!

    By Katie R Brownell

    The Friends of Bennington Battlefield Junior Historians honored our Nation’s first president with a 290th birthday party at this month’s Junior Historian program.  In speaking with the kids who had been participating in the program at our January event, they all claimed that they knew everything there was to know about George Washington. Naturally this led to some questions about the life of our first president.  It turned out that the kids didn’t know George as well as they thought they did, and so the inspiration for our party game was born! It was time to begin researching and designing!

    The program began with a read aloud of a picture book biography about George Washington. The participants were then divided into groups to make a craft and play party games. The craft for this program was a George Washington puppet, which the children colored, cut out and glued together.  For our party game we played a custom designed board game about the life of George Washington, called You Don’t Know George! With over 30 children in attendance, this has been our most popular program to date! As our celebration drew toward a close, each child was given a snack mix bag, a cupcake, and each family was given their own copy of the board game to take home. It is truly a remarkable gift to see so many young historians and their families filling the museum and learning together. Our next program will focus on music of the 18th Century, and will be held on March 19th, from 3:00-4:30.

    Here Are 5 Surprising Things Our Junior Historians Learned about George Washington:  

    1. His teeth were not made out of wood! They were made of extracted human teeth, animal teeth, ivory, and lead. As you might expect, Washington found these dentures very uncomfortable, and complained that they pushed his lips out.
    2. He never chopped down his father’s cherry trees! This story did not appear until it was published in an 1806 biography about George Washington by Mason Locke Weems. The president had passed away 7 years before Weems’ myth was written.
    3. George Washington did not wear a wig! Though wigs were a popular fashion accessory during the 18th Century, George Washington did not wear one. He did however, powder his own hair as was the fashionable custom at that time.
    4. George Washington had little formal education! After the passing of his father, 11-year-old George Washington’s life changed dramatically. With little funds for education, George did not attend college as his older brothers did. He had a private tutor and may have attended a school in Fredericksburg. He also supplemented his education through extensive reading and self-study.
    5. George Washington was inaugurated at Federal Hall in New York City! Washington D.C. had not yet been built at the time of Washington’s unanimous 1789 election to the presidency, and from 1785-1790, New York City was the Capital of the United States.

    Additional photos from the day can be viewed on the Hoosick Township Facebook page.

    The Jr. Historian program is made possible through funding from Stewart’s Shops, The Hoosick Township Historical Society and the Friends of the Bennington Battlefield.

  • Check out our new logo!

    Designed by local artist, Deb Alter of Small Song in Hoosick Falls.