Maple Grove Cemetery Records now available

In the spring of 2021 we started working with KOFILE Preservation in Essex, VT to preserve and digitize the Maple Grove Cemetery recording book. This book’s first entry is Erastus Ball, date of death April 21, 1855. 

The Hoosick Falls Cemetery Association was incorporated on May 7, 1854, and was signed by the chairman and secretary of the Association three days later. (Record of Hoosick Falls Cemetery Association, 1854-1958) The History of Rensselaer County, published in 1880, claims that the association was initially formed three years earlier in 1851 and they had purchased 12 acres of land towards the south of the village on the west side of the highway for the purpose of establishing a cemetery. The first president of the association was Erastus Ball, who was the first buried at their new Maple Grove Cemetery in 1855. 

This book has been used on a regular basis for research for many years and it became very deteriorated. We were very glad to find Kofile and see the work they do. Since the book and digital files came back we are using them regularly. They play a significant role for our genealogy research. The earlier records in this book are only available through us.
Before the late 1800’s, towns and villages were not required to keep such records. 

The next collection of books being preserved date from 1884-1887. These records also only exist at the Louis Miller Museum. 

We struggled with how to offer these files to the public. The preservation cost of this book and the next records getting preserved is very high, but the importance of these records outweighs the cost. We do ask that those accessing these files, if you are capable, make a donation. This will ensure that we can continue to preserve and offer one of a kind documents to the public. 

These files, along with files from the Presbyterian Church can be found under the PLACES Tab, in the Cemeteries Section.

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