Speaking through the lens

Photo by Donald Betit

Donald Betit grew up in West Hoosick, NY with his mother, brother, and four sisters. In 2014, Donald was diagnosed with throat cancer and required around-the-clock care while combating the illness. He moved in with Judy Bishop in Hoosick Falls where he has lived since while undergoing multiple treatments and endured difficult surgeries, including a tracheostomy and complete reconstruction of his throat. This left him unable to speak.

However, Donald didn’t give up. Instead, he took the advice of his doctor who had said, “You need to take up a hobby.” On the ride home that afternoon, Donald wrote a note to his sister.

“I want to buy a camera,” the note read.

When the camera arrived, Donald’s enthusiasm was obvious and since that day he has spent countless hours on back roads communicating his love of nature, not by voice, but through the lens. A sampling of these images will be on display on August 20th, from 4-8PM outside the Louis Miller Museum located at 166 Main Street in Hoosick Falls. Meet the artist and enjoy the images.

Photos will be available for purchase via cash or check.

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