Hoosick Township Historical Society

US Military Veteran Interviews

Click on the video title below to view an interview, conducted by Phil Leonard, with a Town of Hoosick veteran. Click on NYS Military Museum to see all of the 750+ NYS videos.

Video Title Brief summary of the interview.
Theodore Anderson US Army World War II
Emerson Andrew US Navy World War II
Paul Bobinski US Army Cold War
Arba Brenenstuhl US Airforce World War II
Joseph Brandi US Army World War II
Daniel Brandi US Army World War II
Charles Cappellino US Army Airforces World War II
William Coonradt US Navy World War II
Harold Cottrell US Air Force World War II
Carl Cunningham US Navy World War II
James Cutler US Army 1948
Peter Davendonis US Army World War II
Walter Davendonis US Navy World War II
Jerry DeLuca US Army World War II
Albert DeLuca US Army Korean War
George Driscoll US Air Force Cold War
John Dwyer US Navy WWII
Larry Frier US ARMY Vietnam
Bernard Graney US Air Force WWII
William Greenwood US Navy WWII
Edward Hanselman US Army WWII
Arthur Harrington US Marine Corp WWII
John Jenuskevice US Navy WWII
Glen Jones US Merchant Marines WWII
Edwin Kennedy Col in US Air Force WWII
James Kenney Brigadier General NYS National Guard 1940s - 1977
Andrew Kipp US Army WWII Korean war
Leo Mahar US Army Korean war
Edward Loomis US Navy WWII
Theodore Lucas US Air Force WWII
Gordon McNeilly US Army WWII
Harry Michie US Army WWII
Cruce Patire US Army WWII
Frank Pierce US Army WWII
Carlton Reed Red Cross WWII
Paul Rivard US Navy WWII
Armund Rousseau US Army 1948-52
Ila Taylor Rowland US Woman’s Army Corp WWII
Joseph Ruggerio US Army Korean War
Eugene Salluzzo US Navy WWII
Norman Scott US Marines WWII
Sam Shaw US Marines WWII
Joseph Slavis US Army WWII
Forrest Smith US Army WWII
Irving Stevens US Army Korean War
Donald St Hilare US Army Korean War
Charles Vogler US Army, NYS National Guard 1946 - 1986
Charles Williams US Army Air Force WWII
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