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Hoosick Township Historical Society

The Louis Miller Museum is located at 166 Main Street in Hoosick Falls, New York.

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Open most weekdays 11-3. Other times available by appointment. To insure that someone is on site to assist, you may call 518-686-4682 before coming, or to book a time.

The Director of the Louis Miller Museum is Joyce Brewer, click to send mail to

What's on display in the Louis Miller Museum.

First Floor

Entrance Hall
Maps of Hoosick Falls 1860-1879, plaques, and general information, and a large case of birds and insects from this area, from the Breese Homestead.

Living Room
Picture of Walter A. Wood
A portrait of Walter A Wood; display cases of medals, awards, and memorabilia of the Wood Company; a large lithograph of the Wood Plant; a dozen photos of men at work in the plant in its heyday; seven photos of the Wood Mansion and its grounds; two stall chairs from the Wood Mansion; and a turn of the century Chickering piano.

Victorian Parlor
The word "parlor" comes from the French word for "speak" or "conversation". The Victorian parlor was popular during the American Victorian era from 1850 through the early 1900s. It was a very formal room with elegant furnishings. It was used exclusively for receiving and entertaining guests. It was never used as a "living room" by the family. At the death of a family member, it was used to show the body and carry on the wake. Interestingly, when the wakes moved out of the home to a public building the new business became known as a funeral parlor.
The Victorian Parlor
The Victorian Parlor at the museum contains furniture and items from local families.
Most of the parlor furniture belonged to the Breese family of Breese Hollow Road.
carved, rosewood sofa What Not China Closet Sara Gray
The carved, rosewood sofa and chairs were originally upholstered in horsehair. The corner "What not" holds the family collections of bric-a-bac, tin types and mementoes. The China Cabinet belonged to Mr. And Mrs. Charles A. Cheney, prominent early benefactors of Hoosick Falls. Sara Gray of Hoosick Falls became a well known sculptor and artist in the 1800s and some of her paintings are on the wall. A framed picture of Ms. Gray is on the wall above a period lamp and table.
Music Cabinet Stereooptician
The Library table and Music cabinet are from the home of Grandma Moses. The early Edison phonograph provided entertainment in the early 1900s. The stereoptican was a favorite parlor pastime during the Victorian era. The pictures were made by using two lenses in one camera. It gives a three-dimensional picture to the viewer.

Moses-Reynolds Room
The dress Grandma Moses wore to the White House on the occasion of her 100th birthday is displayed below her picture on the cover of Time Magazine, wearing that same dress. Several pictures of her and prints of her paintings are displayed with interpretive material about her connections to Hoosick Falls, and other memorabilia. A painting of Edith Craig Reynolds hangs here, along with plaques and awards commemorating her many philanthropic activities in Hoosick Falls.

Special Exhibit Room
The museum puts on several special exhibitions each year in this space. Currently on display is an exhibit about farms in West Hoosick. The exhibit consists of an updated version of an exhibit first put together in 1991 on farms in the Buskirk-West Hoosick area, along with an exhibit of old farm journals and tools from local farms. The Buskirk-West Hoosick study was designed and produced by Ned Pratt with contemporary photographs by Constance Kheel abd Dunja Martin. Also on display is is a selection of Model tractors from the collection of Charles Filkins, and posterboards on the selection of farm implements available from the Walter Wood Company. The exhibit will remain on display through the summer.

Second Floor

Wedding Room
Picture of Wedding Room
Display of many local wedding gowns worn in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Also on display in this room is evening wear, opera coats, white fox muff, men's beaver hats, top hats, derby, jewelry of the era, opera glasses, feathers, etc.

Hall of Fame Room
Here is memorabilia of Bob and Ray Eberle, famous big band singers from Hoosick Falls. Also represented are ballerina Harriet Hoctor, vaudevillian Will Kennedy, Harry Van Surdam, Harry Weir, Congressman William Thomas, and other prominent local people. An extensive collection of old photographs and post cards of Hoosick Falls is on view here, as are graduation pictures of St Mary's and Central School classes from as far back as the 1890s.

Children's Room
Early children's toys, skates, shoes, dolls, christening clothes, coats, infant clothes, as well as an extensive collection of preserved butterflies, beetles, other bugs attractively mounted in glass cases.

Military Room
Picture of Military Room
Here we find: a cooking kettle from Bennington Battlefield; uniforms from WW1 and WW2; nurses uniforms from WW1; many helmets on loan from John Rowley; cannon balls, bullets, powder horns, belts, bayonets; a Brown Bess rifle from England date 1770-1780; a Daniel Boone American-made frontier rifle and a Revolutionary rifle; and pictures and news stories of soldiers from this area.

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