Hoosick Township Historical Society

Backyard History 

By Project Discover 3rd and 4th Graders At Hoosick Falls Elementary School. The information was gathered during our Architecture and Backyard History Units.


Local History 2000 – Part 2


The Hoosick Falls Post Office

by Kelsey Rogers

Hi! I am the Hoosick Falls Post Office. My construction date was September 28, 1917.  I have been standing for 83 years.  My Postmaster is Holly Ann Bossoni. There are also 3 city carriers, 3 rural carriers, 3 substitute carriers and 2 distribution clerks. They sort all of the mail when it comes in and then gives it to the carriers to deliver. They also work the window inside me selling stamps and mailing packages and put the mail into the mailboxes inside me for the boxholders. My interesting historical information is a log sheet that shows the supplies I used to buy like ice, towels, and horse manure (I’m not sure what that was used for). Also, across from me around the park there used to be a wrought iron fence.  During World War II they needed the iron and took the fence down to make supplies for the war. 




NYS Armory

by Emily Wilwol

Hello! I am the Hoosick Falls Armory. I am located on the southeast corner of Church and Elm Streets. Architect Isaac G. Perry designed me. Isaac Perry constructed 19 armories as state architect from 1892-1906. The construction of the Hoosick Falls Armory took from 1888-1889.  The 32nd Separate Company then occupied me in 1889.   I was added to the State Historical Register in June 1991 and the national Register on March 2, 1995.  I am listed as a national historic preservation site.   I am currently occupied by Company C 1st Battalion 101st Calvary New York National Guard as well as some of the town offices.  I still have some of my original features such as the oak staircase in the front hall and some door and window trim and original oak lockers. Also some of the pressed metal ceilings are still in the basement. 



The First Baptist Church

by Samantha Niles


Hello! I am the First Baptist Church.  I was built in 1884.  Then there was a fire in 1909.  I have a lot of names on the stained glass windows.  I have a Sunday School too.  I have stones in my cemetery that are over 200 years old. I have a balcony with a library underneath it.  People get baptized in me. Baptism is when people dip their head in a big pool of water.



Babson’s Classic Café

by Kayla Snyder

My name is Babson’s Classic Café. I am used for a restaurant.  In 1849, I had a peeked roof.  In 1901 I was a liquor store and sandwich shop.  In 1908 I was owned by Viggo Jensen.  I was still a liquor store.   In 1919 I was known as Ryan and Butler Store.  In 1929 I was known as Ryan Brothers Store.  Now I am owned by Jeff and Susan Babson and I am a restaurant and the home of the famous “Babson’s Burger”!!



The Miller Museum

by Lacy LaCroix

Hello, I am the Miller Museum.  I hold lots of information on people in our town.  I was first used as a house owned by the Miller Family.  I was turned into a museum in 1980.  I still hold lots of interesting things about people and our town today.


St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
By Taylor Ely

I am St. Mark’s church in Hoosick Falls, NY. I have been named a Historic Landmark. I am a 141-year-old church.  I was consecrated in 1859 and I was designed by Henry Dudley of New York City in gothic revival style.  Erection was completed in 1863. The first services were held in me is 1960. In 1870 a clock tower was added.  The clock was restored in 1993 and the chimes were restored in 1997. I am still used as a church today.